Where we are today

A number of companies have been opened and developed under the Indemnity umbrella, they are as follows:

Life Settlement Leads, www.lslcorp.com  LSL specializes in introducing people who want to sell their life insurance policy to the key people or life settlement companies who want to buy it.

LifeBack, www.lifebackusa.com. LifeBack was created to offer consumers a new, lower cost option for turning their unwanted or unneeded life insurance into cash. The direct-to-consumer model actively seeks out policies that the industry has ignored – including those with death benefits as low as $50,000 – and removes brokers and their fees from the process.

Life Policy Management a Cayman Island registered management company providing advisory and management services for portfolio/funds of policies.


Existing operations developed by but outside the IndemnityFirst

 One of the companies developed by the IFL team is Life Policy Group PLC (LPG) www.lifepolicygroup.com formed in the Cayman Islands in November 2007.

Managing Partners Limited (MPL), formed in the Caymans in June 2003 is a multi-disciplined investment house that specializes in managing alternative assets classes. MPL is a market leader in the field of traded policy and life settlements with offices in Hong Kong, Cayman Islands and London. MPL became independent in May 2009.

Taurus Administration Services SL (Taurus) based in Madrid, it is a specialist mutual fund administration company.  Taurus also became independent in mid 2009

Life Policy Traders, Inc. (LPT), a Delaware Corporation that operates as a life settlement provider organization.  LPT is run from offices in Newton NJ. LPT became independent in September 2010